Jered Develops ‘Groundbreaking’ Electric Hoist for Naval Vessels

Marine systems firm Jered LLC has developed an all-electric hoisting machinery system designed to transfer aircraft, vehicles, and ammunition between hangar decks and flight decks on naval vessels.

A major leap beyond traditional hydraulic systems, the technology “ensures smooth and reliable operations” with less weight and space.

This advance in technology was reportedly challenging to attain for the Georgia-based PAR Systems Company segment.

Jered Elevator worked closely with NAVSEA and the shipbuilder during design, construction, installation, and commissioning to realize this truly groundbreaking project.

The All-Electric Hoist

Drive units, which Jered called the “powerhouse of the system,” were delivered early in the project to fit the construction schedule, resulting in a comparatively short design phase.

Before every test could be completed, major systems were delivered to the work site.

The most important of these tests were conducted aboard ship, including a “most severe loading condition” simulation under a “casualty event.”

A crucial moment occurred when a single drive system carried 200 percent of the load intended for the platform with no added power from the ship. The test was reportedly “executed flawlessly” on the first try, demonstrating the “resilience and reliability of the Jered system.”

“This achievement underscores Jered’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in naval technology,” Chief Engineer of Product Development Noel Plamondon said. 

“We are proud to deliver a system that not only meets the demanding requirements of modern navy operations but also sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, and reliability.”

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