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US Urged to Collaborate With ‘Five Eyes’ Countries on AI

Two American lawmakers are urging the US Department of Defense to collaborate with the other members of the so-called “Five Eyes” countries on artificial intelligence (AI).

Reps. Mike Gallagher and Ro Khanna introduced a bill earlier this week directing the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Security to form an interagency working group that will coordinate AI initiatives among Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

More specifically, the new group will facilitate the procurement, testing, and evaluation of advanced AI systems in tandem with international allies.

It will also identify potential solutions and shared strategies regarding AI systems and their uses, which will be followed by the Five Eyes nations.

If approved and implemented, the legislation is expected to provide the US and its other four allies with enhanced AI interoperability to support intelligence sharing and battlespace awareness.

Leading in AI Innovation

According to Gallagher, the working group’s tasks include ensuring that ethical frameworks are followed in accelerating technological advancements in AI.

The team will also leverage commercially available AI technologies “to advance near-term jointness between the armed forces and intelligence components of the countries.”

He said the proposed bill will help ensure that the Five Eyes nations stay ahead of adversaries in AI innovation.

“The Five AIs Act is a bipartisan, common-sense bill that will ensure AI is advanced, tested, evaluated, and dominated by the members of the Five Eyes Alliance who share a common mission and shared strategy to use AI for good,” Gallagher said.

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Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

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