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Ukraine Testing Long-Range 3D-Printed Drones on Frontline

The Ukrainian Army is testing long-range 3D-printed reconnaissance drones in an operational environment.

On behalf of an American-Ukrainian NGO, Germany’s Donaustahl GmbH is producing several Titan Falcon drones for the Ukrainian military, according to Defense Blog.

Two of the three drones delivered to Ukraine are being tested, the outlet added.

Drone Features

The Titan Dynamics Inc. designed drone has an endurance of six hours and a flight range of 400 kilometers (248 miles).

It features a First Person View camera for real-time surveillance and can be mounted with a 2.5-inch lens camera for enhanced capability.

Emerging Tech Employment 

Kyiv’s backers have begun employing new technologies, such as 3D printing, for faster weapons delivery to the country at a fraction of their original production cost.

Earlier this year, the UK trialed a range of 3D-printed drones for Ukraine under a clandestine program.

Similarly, an Australian firm last month sent over half a dozen 3D metal printers to Ukraine to help rapidly produce critical repair parts for a range of military equipment such as troop carriers and guns.

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