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Airobotics Revamps Counter-Drone Solution for Israel’s Gaza Offensive

Ondas Holdings segment Airobotics is working with major Israeli defense firms to upgrade its Iron Drone Raider counter-unmanned aerial system for Jerusalem’s offensive in Gaza.

The project follows Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, during which the Palestinian militant group used inexpensive drones to assault Israeli targets

In response, Israel has launched an offensive on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, killing more than 11,000 mostly civilians, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

Iron Drone Raider

Airobotics’ Iron Drone Raider incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI)-based interceptor solution that neutralizes hostile unmanned aerial systems controlled or pre-programmed for flight.

Upon detecting such drones, Iron Drone autonomously launches a small, hyper-fast interceptor drone that detects and tracks approaching adversarial drones and “locks on” to them using AI vision technology. 

The intercepting Raider drone follows the target, then incapacitates it using a net and a parachute to lower it to the ground.

The process, from detection and incapacitation, can run without human intervention.

‘Game Changer’

Without giving further details, the Israeli drone manufacturer said it is now “accelerating upgrades” to its counter-drone system, “enhancing the interception system to meet specific defensive requirements rising from the field.”

The development builds on a $540,000 contract awarded to Airobotics in August, which sought an enhanced drone interception system for the Israel Innovation Authority.

“With the support of major Israeli defense contractors, we are looking to provide the Iron Drone Raider solution to different forces on the ground and believe that it is going to be a game changer helping to counteract the rising threat from hostile drones,” Airobotics CEO Meir Kliner said.

Ondas CEO Eric Brock added that the team is “making great progress to finalize the last stages of development in order to provide the system as soon as possible and address the operational needs rising from the field.”

“By deploying the Iron Drone Raider, customers can neutralize the growing threat posed by the proliferation of small, hostile drones, thereby saving lives,” he said.

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