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US Army Seeks New, Cheap Uncrewed Aircraft System

The US Army has issued a sources sought notice for a new, low-cost unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that can support unit training and operations.

Published on November 9, the notice stated that the new drone could be non-developmental or commercial.

According to the service, interested vendors should submit information about a system that costs less than $3,000 and has day/night visual capability.

It must also be capable of flying for over 30 minutes and covering a range of up to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).

Additionally, vendors are required to include ancillary equipment such as a command-and-control solution, batteries, cabling, spare parts, and an operator/maintenance manual in their submissions.

Additional Requirements

Participating companies have until November 22 to submit their white paper responses, including a detailed description of the UAS and its sensor’s performance.

Technical specifications for data link or radios, data encryption, available flight modes, and any additional functions that support reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition must also be provided.

Once submissions are assessed, the army will select vendors whose offers are most likely to pass future competitions.

Firms may also be invited to demonstrate their proposed capability.

The US Army clarified that the sources sought notice will be for planning purposes only and will not constitute a request for proposal.

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