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Rheinmetall Unveils ‘World-First’ Naval Mine Rail Deployment System

Rheinmetall Defence Australia unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first naval mine rail deployment system (MRDS) during the Indo-Pacific International Maritime Expo 2023.

Built in collaboration with Adelaide-based Supashock, the technology allows for the storage and smooth laying of sea mines by international navies.

According to Rheinmetall, the system features a rack attached to a vessel directly without the need for an appliance basket in the sea.

It also boasts a high level of automation, with only one operator needed to control mine delivery.

“The MRDS will be future-ready to integrate automation, further increasing on-deck operational efficiency,” Rheinmetall managing director Nathan Poyner said.

‘Revolutionizing Sea Mine Deployment’

A report by Naval News stated that the MRDS is a containerized solution providing mine-laying missions with enhanced protection from enemy satellites and other visual surveillance systems.

In addition, the device features improved ergonomics and a weather shelter that protects the crew and disguises deck activity during transport.

It is also scalable and can be adapted to suit various crafts.

Mine Rail Deployment System
The Mine Rail Deployment System can be operated by a single person. Photo: Supashock via Facebook

Although not specified, the model displayed during the Indo-Pacific 2023 implies that the rail can deploy Murena- and Asteria-type mines.

With the unique features of the MRDS, Rheinmetall said the platform would revolutionize global mine deployment and increase payload replenishment efficiency.

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