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UK, South Korea Bolster Ties in Rural Military Exercise

British and South Korean troops have participated in Exercise Imjin Warriors, a drill that focuses on the countries’ joint military operations in rural settings.

The exercise, named after the Korean War’s Battle of the Imjin River, was facilitated by the Korean Army at the Korea Combat Training Center in Gangwon Province.

Over 2,000 troops from the UK’s C Company 1st Battalion Scots Guards and their counterparts engaged in mountainous deployment and offensive forest drills to hone their field presence in difficult terrain.

The exercise is part of the UK’s persistent engagement strategy in the 2022 Future Soldier initiative to deploy its units in longer training and exercises.

The event coincided with Baroness Annabel Goldie‘s ministerial visit to Seoul for the UK-Korea Strategic Defence Dialogue, a program that seeks new avenues for cooperation.

The Exercise’s Cultural Importance

The C Army jumped into Imjin Warriors shortly after its peacekeeping and deterrence deployments in the Falklands, Gibraltar, and Oman.

“The past two years have been a whirlwind for C Company, from the global ceremonial stage to the tunnels of Gibraltar, the gales of the South Atlantic, and the deserts of the Middle East,” C Company Commander Major Matt Teasdale said.

“In addition to facing an enemy with a completely different doctrine, the mountainous terrain, dense jungle-like forests, and unique urban interfaces are unlike anything the Company has seen before. However, the Company has taken it in stride, demonstrating incredible resilience, adaptability, and professionalism,” he added.

The company also conducted cultural visits in the region, including a tour of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone and the Gloster Hill War Memorial, which commemorates the British Armies during the exercise’s namesake in 1951.

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