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UK Carrier Strike Group, S. Korea Conduct Joint F-35 Exercises

The British Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) recently completed joint exercises with the Republic of Korea including F-35 fighter aircraft over three days near Busan, South Korea.

The exercises were held “to work seamlessly together by practicing techniques, tactics, and procedures which included mid-air refueling.”

Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group Commodore Steve Moorhouse thanked the South Koreans for “their enthusiastic support to the CSG21 deployment.”

The CSG21 is currently on the Indo-Pacific leg of its seven-month deployment working with allied countries in joint exercises.

Military Cooperation

The United Kingdom has stepped up its global military exercises, such as that between the CSG21 fleet and the South Korean Navy.

“The UK, like the Republic of Korea, is an outward-looking trading nation committed to contributing to the maritime security which underpins global prosperity,” Moorhouse added. “By sailing here we make clear our determination to work with like-minded nations in support of an open and transparent system of international rules.”

Moorhouse explained that the goal of the exercises is “to strengthen the ties between our two countries and pave the way for closer cooperation in the future.”

The Royal Navy has deployed additional fleets in exercises with allied countries in other parts of the world. The HMS Richmond is currently stationed in Guam and HMS Diamond is on its way to the Suez Canal.

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