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HII to Integrate Minotaur Mission System Into US Naval Platforms

Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has been awarded a $244-million contract to integrate the Minotaur mission system into various US military naval platforms.

Minotaur is a mission management software suite that integrates and fuses sensor data for easy analysis.

It also allows multiple platforms to share networked information.

Under the contract, HII will perform research, development, testing, and evaluation to facilitate the integration of the Minotaur system into various assets of the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard.

It will also ensure that the software will enable the unspecified platforms to meet intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance warfighting requirements.

Integration will be carried out within five years at HII facilities in various US locations.

Delivering Advantages

Unlike other mission management systems, HII’s Minotaur has a text communications feature, essential because of background noise.

It also allows operators to replay anything on the screen or show the next crew where exactly to continue reconnaissance.

“If you’re the US Navy or the US Coast Guard, you’ve got numerous platforms – rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, submarines, and ships,” said Aneesh Kothari, vice president of Systel, which provides hardware solutions for the Minotaur.

“A common framework software and hardware combination allows large amounts of disparate data sets to be networked together, allowing allied ships and aircraft to view a common operating picture and enabling total situational awareness.”

HII executive vice president Andy Green said the Minotaur software suite will deliver tactical and technological advantages to the three branches of the armed forces.

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