Lockheed Device Enables HIMARS Munitions to Strike Moving Targets

Lockheed Martin has demonstrated a communication device that provides in-flight target updates to munitions such as the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLS).

The Remote Interceptor Guidance – 360 (RIG-360) uplinker prototype updated an airborne data link replicating the rocket’s surface-to-surface trajectory.

Integration of the RIG-360 with the MLRS family of munitions is intended to enable the munitions to accurately engage relocated or moving targets.

Part of Army’s Joint Fires Vision

“This test is a big step forward to advancing the US Army’s Joint Fires vision,” Lockheed Martin official Scott Arnold said.

“This proof-of-concept aims to enable Army deep-strike capabilities with offensive fires against moving targets in contested environments, a critical capability to drive agility within the US Army’s connected network and keep our customers ahead of evolving threats.”

Remote Interceptor Guidance – 360

Originally conceived for the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 family of interceptors, the RIG-360 allows an interface between the missile interceptor and the Integrated Battle Command System.

Leveraging target data from different sensors, it offers a 360-degree engagement capability to a missile interceptor.

“The RIG-360 is a software-defined, X-band missile communications device that provides full hemispherical, 360-degree in-flight communications,” a US Army source sought notice said.

A Joint Fires flight test is planned for 2024 to validate its capabilities

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