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India Wants Radars to Monitor Deep Into China

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is seeking new radars to look deep inside China’s territories and monitor potential hostile movements.

The move comes amid steady tensions along the two countries’ border known as the Line of Actual Control.

The IAF said its military assets and personnel would remain deployed along the disputed frontier until complete disengagement occurs.

New Delhi and Beijing have been involved in a series of military standoffs since May 2020, leaving casualties on both sides.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation across the borders through persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” IAF chief Vivek Ram Chaudhari said, as quoted by Hindustan Times.

“Our operational plans are dynamic and keep changing based on the situation that we perceive is developing across any front.”

‘Flexible War Plans’

Chaudhari acknowledged that China has far more military assets deployed along their border to monitor New Delhi.

In particular, he said Beijing has advanced radars stationed along the northern border, which can reportedly see deep inside Indian territory.

“Our counter is through our own mountain radar project. Also, we have low-level lightweight radars that we continuously keep deploying and re-deploying based on what we see developing across the borders,” he explained.

“In the long run, we are looking at deploying mountain radars at these strategic locations to be able to see equally deep into the adversary’s territory.”

The future investment is part of India’s “flexible war plans” that include using better tactics and training to counter China’s military might.

An Indian soldier guards China-India border. Photo: AFP

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