Polish Frigates to Receive New Combat Management System, Sensors

Thales has signed a contract to equip Poland’s frigates with upgraded surveillance management systems.

Under the contract, the company will deliver its TACTICOS integrated combat management system (CMS), as well as sonars, radars, and infrared sensors to the Polish Navy.

The agreement is a result of the 2022 Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by Thales and Poland. The TACTICOS-equipped frigates are scheduled to enter service in 2029.

High-Tech Armaments

TACTICOS will provide Poland’s MIECZNIK-class frigates with a combat system that supports sensor control, action support, and weapons control for general-purpose missions and excursions.

Additionally, two highly complementary radars, the SM400 Block 2 and the NS50, will be included for long-range air and surface surveillance, helicopter control and weapons control functions.

Thales said the CMS will utilize key learnings from the UK’s Type 31 Frigate Programme, which shares ship designs with Poland’s frigates. The program was implemented in collaboration with the UK government, as well as arms companies Babcock and MBDA.

Stronger Ties

Polish Armaments Group Department of Maritime Technologies Director Cezary Cierzan said the contract with Thales is the cornerstone of Poland’s collaborative relationship with the manufacturer.

“The contract provides a solid foundation for joint endeavour and the tremendous value that can be achieved through collaboration is a key aspect of strategic partnership,” he said.

Thales Above Water Systems Vice President Dirk Jan de Brujin also commented on the company’s lasting partnership with the navy.

“Our relationship with the Polish Navy dates back many years and we are proud that we have been selected for this major programme after 2 years of developing the solution with PGZ.”

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