QinetiQ to Deliver Bomb Suit Replacements for US Army

QinetiQ has received an $84-million contract to supply Next Generation Advanced Bomb Suits (NGABS) for the US Army.

NGABS are wearable equipment designed to shield warfighters during Improvised Explosive Device (EOD) disposals and other related missions.

Under the five-year agreement, the company will manufacture and deliver more than 700 NGABs.

The tech will replace the service’s existing Advanced Bomb Suits that have been in service for two decades.

US Army tests its advanced bomb suit. Photo: US Army

Once completed, the NGABS will be shipped to the army’s Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE) office in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

“NGABS is a great program for us to partner with the US Army on as it embodies the type of mission readiness that we are enthusiastic about helping our customers be equipped with,” QinetiQ US President and CEO Shawn Purvis said.

“Enabling the PM SPE team to be equipped with what it needs to provide enhanced protection for various situations globally that ultimately leads to increased survivability of the force is an honor, and we are proud to do it.”

Increased Mobility, Survivability

According to QinetiQ, utilizing NGABS reinforces soldier preparedness in responding to evolving explosive threats.

Each NGABS offers 360-degree ballistic protection and boosts situational awareness in low/no light operations through the integration of a heads-up display and modular sensor suite.

“The EOD Soldiers have one of the most life-threatening jobs in the military and we are honored to partner with the US Army PM SPE to provide the technology and hardware that will protect these soldiers so they can complete their missions safely and securely,” QinetiQ US Executive VP Steve Iwicki stated.

“Our team has worked diligently to enhance the NGABS soldier experience through increased mobility and survivability in the construction of the suit.”

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