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Indian Army Unveils ‘Robotic Buddy’ for Battlefield Missions

The Indian Army has unveiled a robotic system capable of serving a wide variety of battlefield needs.

Called the “Robotic Buddy,” the cutting-edge system was developed by army engineers at the Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and unveiled during the Artificial Intelligence for Military Applications seminar in southern India.

It can reportedly detect humans, track specific areas, measure distances, and transmit intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition data to aid an attack.

The tech features a robotic arm and a platform equipped with two cameras each to give an advantageous view of the surroundings.

Operated remotely from a ground control station, the Robotic Buddy’s arm can lift up to 15 kilograms (33 pounds), allowing it to retrieve unexploded shells and save soldiers the dangerous task of collecting them manually.

The arm can also be detached to accommodate other functions, such as becoming a battlefield stretcher to evacuate wounded troops.

“This battery-powered platform is built to withstand rugged terrains and measures one meter by one meter,” an army official said, as quoted by The Times of India.

‘Technological Innovation’

The development of the Robotic Buddy is a testament to the country’s increasing investment in technological innovation to address evolving threats.

Apart from the robotic system, New Delhi is set to unveil other state-of-the-art defense items for ground, air, and naval use.

This week, the Indian Navy will introduce its Autonomous Weaponized Boat Swarms and the Autonomous Vessel Underwater for the first time.

According to developer Sagar Defence Engineering, the systems are equipped with various types of weaponry and sensors for remote or autonomous operation.

They can execute littoral patrols, high-speed interdiction, coastal surveillance, and constabulary operations.

“With the implementation of an integrated autonomous system, our foremost objective is to address India’s maritime security needs by executing diverse naval and security missions,” Sagar managing director Capt. Nikunj Parashar said.

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