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Lockheed Wins $1.2B Trident II Submarine Ballistic Missile Deal for US, UK

Lockheed Martin has clinched a $1.2-billion contract to produce Trident II (D5) submarine-launched ballistic missiles for the US and UK.

Announced on September 29, the deal also covers providing associated systems support to both nations’ naval forces.

According to the defense department, most of the work for the contract will take place in Florida, with completion expected in September 2028.

A three-stage weapon, the Trident II (D5) is promoted as the world’s “most advanced” ballistic missile.

It can carry multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles up to 4,000 nautical miles (7,360 kilometers).

Additionally, the missile features a celestially-aided inertial navigation system composed of gyroscopes, accelerometers, a stellar tracker, and a computer for precision strikes.

Recent Demonstration

Last week, the US Navy and Lockheed Martin demonstrated an unarmed Trident II (D5) ballistic missile in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

The test allowed the crew of the Ohio-class submarine USS Louisiana to showcase their readiness to operate the strategic weapon system.

Lockheed and the navy aimed to evaluate and maintain the reliability and precision of the ballistic missile to better prepare for future conflict.

The US Navy used an unarmed Trident II and ensured its trajectory remained entirely over the sea for the safety of the public and the crew.

“The completion of [of the test] marks an historic milestone in the life of the Trident II D5 weapons system, and provides the SSP team with a tangible reminder of the great responsibility before us…” strategic systems program director Johnny Wolfe, Jr. said.

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