HTX Labs to Supply Immersive Training Solutions to US Air, Space Force

HTX Labs has received a $90-million contract to provide immersive training content and associated support equipment to the US Air Force and Space Force.

Under the agreement, the company will deliver solutions such as 3D models, virtual assets, and immersive environments with interactive features to support training across the services.

The company will also deliver its EMPACT Immersive Learning Platform, a cyber-secure, cloud-based software enabling collaboration over immersive lessons.

The “self-authoring” technology provides users full ownership of digital assets to maintain immersive training materials in-house, continuously matching the evolving preparation requirements of warfighters while eliminating re-engagement with vendors.

Furthermore, the platform permits dynamic military training approaches through different hardware capabilities, including laptops and tablets, as well as tethered and standalone virtual reality headsets.

EMPACT can integrate with existing learning management systems or LMS for student performance overview.

HTX Labs' interactive, virtual T-6 delivers high-fidelity, immersive academics training
Immersive military aircraft training. Photo: HTX Labs

Work for the contract will take place over three years until September 2026.

“HTX Labs is honored to have the confidence of the Air Force per this contract that allows us to continue our collaboration with Airmen and Guardians to deliver immersive training capabilities for the warfighter,” HTX Labs Growth CEO Scott Schneider said.

“We have been working with the US Air Force for a number of years and we look forward to continuing this important work to leverage immersive technology to deliver an elevated training experience to drive proficiency and preparedness in support of their national security mission.”

Recent US Military Projects

The US Air Force granted HTX Labs in July the authority to run its immersive training data across the service’s operational networks at an Impact Level 4 security classification.

In 2022, the company received a $1.7-million contract to expand the EMPACT platform across the air force and its Global Strike Command.

HTX also supported the US Navy in distributing Primary Flight Training for pilots and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training for aerial drone operators.

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