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Aerobond to Build Australia’s Next Anti-Ship Missile Launcher Canisters

Aerobond has signed a contract with Kongsberg Defence Australia to produce Naval Strike Missile (NSM) launcher canisters.

Kongsberg is producing the NSM for the Royal Australian Navy as part of a contract signed with the Australian government earlier this year.

The anti-ship missile is the intended replacement of the Harpoon. 

It is capable of striking targets over 100 nautical miles (185 kilometers/115 miles) away and has stealth and sea-skimming capabilities.

Australia’s Anzac-class frigates and Hobart-class destroyers will employ the missile, which will enter service in 2024.

Domestic Production

The Australian composite material manufacturer will commence production in January 2024 from a new purpose-built 3,500 square meters (37,673 square feet) facility in Adelaide.

The contract allows the company to expand its workforce capability and create an additional 35 roles in South Australia.

“The contract with KONGSBERG is a recognition of the deep skills, experience, and expertise that we have cultivated within AEROBOND and across our workforce,” Aerobond founder and managing director Justin Struik said.

“This contract also supports the ongoing development of a Sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise for Australia,” Kongsberg Australia general manager John Fry added.

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