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China Developing Biological, Cyber Weapons for Covert Warfare: Study

The Chinese military is developing sophisticated biological and cyber weapons to support future covert operations, a recent study by three open-source intelligence analysts has revealed.

Titled In the Shadows of Science: Unravelling China’s Invisible Arsenals of Nanoweapons, the study unveiled the country’s increasing use of nanotechnology in building asymmetric warfare tools.

The move raises concerns about genetically-engineered pathogens that could be used for biological warfare, according to the report.

These pathogens are often difficult to trace because they can be used for commercial or military purposes.

“China’s invisible arsenals encompass a range of advanced weaponry that are distinctly focused on providing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with a range of asymmetric warfare options, including the delivery of biological, biochemical, and neurobiological weapons on target populations,” the study noted.

Cyber Weapons

The study disclosed that Beijing is also using nanotechnology in developing miniature electronics and sensors for conducting data theft.

These sophisticated cyber weapons can disrupt critical military infrastructure without being detected.

When attacked, targets could experience blackouts, communication failures, or financial disruptions, which pose severe threats to national security.

Additionally, the Asian military superpower has also begun integrating artificial intelligence into its cyber weapons to execute cyber-attacks with “unparalleled sophistication and unpredictability.”

“These tiny yet powerful machines could be weaponized for tasks like reconnaissance, infiltration, or even targeted assassinations,” the report stated.

Conflict Scenario

Once developed, China could reportedly use its biological and cyber weapons to achieve specific military and geopolitical aims.

In Taiwan, for example, a specific weaponized bacterial strain could be released to eliminate enemy resistance.

The move would allow immunized Chinese soldiers to achieve absolute control over the island nation, while also blunting any US military intervention.

“This scenario is based on known existing CCP research programs and what the clear strategic aims of those programs are,” the study explained.

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