Pilatus PC-21 Trainer Aircraft to Receive Canadian Avionics

Swiss aerospace developer Pilatus Aircraft has awarded Canadian firm CMC Electronics a contract to supply avionics for its PC-21 next-generation pilot trainers.

The contract covers the delivery of flight management systems, SparrowHawk heads-up display (HUD) subsystems, and CMA-5024 global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers.

CMC’s civil-certified flight management system features specialized functions for reduced workload during flight. It complies with the latest navigation performance and satellite-based augmentation system standards.

The SparrowHawk HUD has front and rear cockpit control panels as well as HUD cameras. The subsystem comes with a symbol generator and video display unit for the rear seat instructor.

Meanwhile, the CMA-5024 GNSS enables automatic dependent surveillance broadcast and high-performance satellite-based augmentation systems in all flight phases. The receiver is bolt-on equipment requiring minimal aircraft modification and a shorter integration timeline.

PC-21 trainer aircraft. Photo: Pilatus

“CMC Electronics and Pilatus have had a longstanding collaboration spanning over two decades,” CMC Electronics Sales and Marketing Vice President Brad Nolen stated.

“The selection of CMC Electronics for this contract demonstrates Pilatus’ continued trust in CMC’s avionics solutions.”

Pilatus PC-21 Aircraft

The PC-21 trainer aircraft is built with an antigravity system, onboard oxygen supply, pressurized cockpit, and air conditioning system.

It has a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet (7,620 meters) and a top operating speed of 370 knots (685 kilometers/426 miles per hour).

In March, Pilatus received a contract for 16 additional PC-21s for the Spanish Air Force. The procurement will bring the country’s PC-21 trainer fleet to 40 units.

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