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Australia Equips Bushmaster Vehicles With SATCOM Capabilities

The Australian Department of Defence has announced the successful integration of modern satellite communication (SATCOM) systems into the country’s Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles.

The move is part of Canberra’s Land 2072 Phase 2B project to develop mobile, resilient battlefield communication systems.

The SATCOM-equipped Bushmasters, named the “Protected Mobility Headquarters on the Move,” will provide stable communications even while commanders and their units are in transit.

“The Bushmasters equipped with the Headquarters on the Move capability are designed to enhance communication in the field,” project manager Dafydd Gwynn-Jones said.

“The satellite-enabled Bushmasters will also have options such as designating one vehicle as a commander’s tech hub while others support specific squadrons.”

Australian soldiers are expected to receive comprehensive training for seamless operation of the upgraded Bushmasters.

‘Revolutionizing Battlefield Communications’

The SATCOM systems will provide operators with flexibility to choose between various satellite frequencies depending on their location.

The components reportedly offer efficient data transmission options, ensuring that vital information reaches personnel on the ground in real time.

“The hardware within these vehicles resembles a data center on wheels, incorporating substantial computing power,” Gwynn-Jones explained, adding that the integration “revolutionizes battlefield communications.”

The army plans to integrate future radio models into the SATCOM systems to ensure smooth communication in challenging environments.

Bushmaster SATCOM
The technology behind the satellite within the new ‘Protected Mobility Headquarters on the Move’ Bushmaster variant. Photo: CAPT Annie Richardson/Australian DoD

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