HII Lays Keel for US Navy’s 29th Virginia-Class Submarine

HII has laid the keel for the US Navy’s 29th Virginia-class attack submarine, the USS Oklahoma (SSN 802), at Newport News in Virginia.

Once completed, SSN 802 will be the first Block V submarine, a configuration incorporating a guided-missile capability to replace the navy’s retiring Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarines.

SSN 802 is the second US Navy vessel and the first submarine to bear the name Oklahoma.

Submarine sponsor Mary Slavonic was active in civilian efforts in Oklahoma and the US Navy.

She and her husband, acting US Navy Under Secretary Greg Slavonic, supported the construction of the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in honor of 429 sailors who lost their lives aboard the vessel in December 1947.

USS Virginia (SSN 774)
USS Virginia (SSN 774). Photo: US Navy

“Today represents a culmination of hard work and skill performed by a talented shipbuilding workforce and a strong foundation for future Sailors who will patrol the deep seas aboard Oklahoma in service of our nation,” Virginia-Class Program Manager Capt. Mike Hollenbach stated.

The Virginia-Class Submarines

To date, 21 Virginia-class submarines are active across various areas of operations.

The fleet is built with enhanced stealth and surveillance capabilities to address the evolving demands of sea warfare.

In addition, the vessels have improved spaces to accommodate over 130 personnel, corresponding equipment, and future payloads.

Each Virginia submarine is armed with a vertical launching system, Mk 48 ADCAP torpedoes, Tomahawk missiles, and extra tubes for additional weapons.

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