Turkey Launches Next Round of F-16 Upgrade Program

Turkey has officially launched the second phase of an indigenous upgrade program for its F-16 fleet.

The Turkish Air Force’s F-16 Block-30/40/50 jets will be upgraded under the Ozgur 2 program, led by the Presidency of Defense Industries.

The program has been underway since 2022, delivering the first upgraded Block-30 in May.

Turkey has 43 F-16 Block 30 C and D models, 117 Block 40s, and 110 Block 50 aircraft.

Ozgur 2 Upgrades

Ozgur 2 aims to modernize and structurally improve the Block-30s and increase the “scope of structural and avionic modernizations of F-16 Block-30/40/50 aircraft,” Savunma Sanayist reported.

The Block-30 upgrades include the integration of miniature bombs, Gokdogan and Bozdogan air-to-air missiles, an HGK munition guidance kit, and AESA radar.

Block 40/50 upgrades include structural improvements and the integration of an Ozgur suite to the aircraft, in addition to most enhancements to the Block-30.

The Block-30s are expected to be delivered from 2025 to 2027, and the Block 40/50s from 2028 to 2030.

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