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Airflite to Deliver Life Support Solutions for Australian Defence Force Aircraft

Perth-based company Airflite has received a contract to supply Aeronautical Life Support Equipment (ALSE) for Australian Defence Forces aircraft.

The 16-million Australian dollar ($10.67 million) agreement covers the ALSE life cycle across the military and will include design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and disposal.

Once deployed, the critical platforms are expected to bolster defense force aviators’ readiness during operations.

Aeronautical Life Support Equipment

About 80 percent of the Australian Defence Force ALSE is on board multiple aerial vehicles.

The equipment includes oxygen masks, helmets, vests, and inflatable life rafts for pilot support during emergencies.

In addition, ALSE includes restraining harnesses, load carriage, radio and signaling equipment, flares, and night vision devices for post-evacuation survival.

Opportunity for Local Defense Industry

According to the Australian Ministry of Defence, Airflite will establish a new facility in Moorabbin, Victoria, to provide additional support for its site in Western Australia.

The company will then hire new personnel based in the state to advance work for the ALSE project.

“This will allow Defence to establish an ALSE enterprise that delivers best practice and high-performance capability to a growing number of complex aviation platforms for the ADF,” Air Vice Marshal Graham Edwards said.

“This approach will give the Australian defence industry the opportunity to grow and respond to Defence’s capability needs as required.”

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