Loc, Milrem Robotics Join Forces on US Army Light Robotic Combat Vehicle

American vehicle manufacturer Loc Performance is teaming with Milrem Robotics for the US Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle – Light (RCV-L) competition.

The collaboration will combine the companies’ expertise in creating a “ground-breaking” RCV-L, which they would call the “WarLoc.”

According to Michigan-based Loc, the vehicle’s overall design will be based on the Type-X advanced RCV manufactured by Milrem Robotics.

It will support various unmanned operations, including autonomous navigation on the battlefield.

“WarLoc benefits from the experience gained from thorough tests of the Type-X that have demonstrated its superior capabilities and the continuous development of the subsystems and components in the Type-X family,” Milrem Robotics director Guy C. Enderle said.

“This helps to ensure reduced life cycle costs on the fleet level, high commonality, and optimal performance.”

Providing Tactical Advantages

WarLoc will feature a human-in-the-loop control system to allow operators to be involved in the vehicle’s decision-making process.

Artificial intelligence will also be integral to the RCV’s operating algorithm.

Additionally, Loc and Milrem’s pitch will include amphibious capabilities and improved mobility in soft soil, snow, desert, and other terrains.

Various high-performance payloads have also been integrated to provide overmatch firepower options and tactical advantages to infantry units.

Robotic vehicle communications
The US Army testing communication systems to be integrated into robotic combat vehicles. Photo: Staff Sgt. Jake Carter/US Air Force

The Prototyping Competition

In April last year, the US Army said it would launch a full-system prototype competition for the RCV-L.

Nearly $700 million has been earmarked for the prototyping phase, which will run from 2023 to 2027.

Loc and Milrem will demonstrate their pitch’s autonomous software, system safety, and cyber and spectrum resiliency along with other bidders.

Once the demonstration is complete, a vendor will be selected in 2024 to undergo additional tests.

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