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India Set to Induct Next-Gen Nuclear Ballistic Missile Following Trial

India successfully flight-tested its next-generation ballistic missile, paving the way for its induction.

The Agni Prime’s first pre-induction night launch followed its three developmental trials, validating accuracy and reliability, the Indian Ministry of Defence wrote in a statement.

“Range Instrumentation like radar, telemetry, and electrooptical tracking systems were deployed at different locations, including two down-range ships, at the terminal point to capture flight data covering the entire trajectory of the vehicle,” it added.

Maneuverable Ballistic Missile 

The missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles) and is reportedly more accurate and difficult to intercept than India’s other nuclear-capable missiles.

The two-stage, solid-fuelled missile features “new composites, propulsion systems, innovative guidance, and control mechanisms, besides the latest navigation systems,” The Print explained.

The weapon draws its accuracy from the advanced ring-laser gyroscopes-based inertial navigation system, the outlet explained, adding that its maneuverability at the point of entry into the earth’s atmosphere makes it difficult to intercept.

The canisterized missile weighs half that of the Agni 3. It can be transported and launched by rail and road.

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