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Three Spanish Firms Team Up for Tactical Underwater Vehicle Development

Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company Navantia plans to develop a line of tactical underwater vehicles in partnership with SAES and Perseo.

Announced during a defense and security exhibit in Madrid, the team will integrate subsea vehicles with advanced sensors for enhanced surveillance and exploration.

The collaboration’s resulting “state-of-the-art” products are expected to address requirements for “increasingly demanding operational theaters.”

“Our experience in underwater acoustics and electronics positions us as one of the main players in providing autonomy to unmanned vehicles and collaborating in their development to make them truly autonomous,” SAES President Joaquín López Pagán said.

Sergio Olmos Guío, CEO at Perseo, added, “Perseo Techworks works on these enabling technologies… in which simulation, rapid prototyping, and testing and trial capabilities are intertwined to create products with very short development times and adaptable to a constantly changing market.”

Bolstering Unmanned Vehicle Business

According to Navantia, the strategic partnership supports the company’s goals to expand its portfolio with a range of unmanned vehicle-based solutions.

These technologies will be promoted to support customers with tactical superiority in multi-domain missions.

The initiative will also support Navantia in improving its other existing business areas, including intelligent services, shipbuilding, and green energies.

“Unmanned vehicles are an asset of growing importance for the armed forces and civilian applications,” Navantia Director Donato Martínez Pérez de Rojas said.

“Navantia already has experience in the development of unmanned surface vessels, and together with SAES and Perseo, we want to expand our catalogue to those intended for the submarine domain.”

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