BAE, Iveco Introduce Amphibious Combat Vehicle to International Market

BAE Systems and Iveco Defence Vehicles have introduced the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) to international customers at a defense and security fair in Madrid, Spain.

The companies displayed the platform’s base platform, the Personnel variant (ACV-P), at the event.

“This is the first time the Amphibious Combat Vehicle has been shown outside the United States, and it is a point of pride that it is here in Spain, an important, long-term US and NATO ally,” BAE Systems Amphibious Programs Vice President Garrett Lacaillade said.

The ACV is built under a strategic partnership between BAE and Iveco and is currently the only “truly” amphibious combat vehicle in full-rate production.

The systems are supporting the US Marine Corps as an expeditionary mobility asset.

Amphibious System in Spain and Europe

The ACV is constructed to address the future mission requirements of military customers.

It features spaces for newer technologies focusing on electronic warfare, anti-air defense, reconnaissance capabilities, and unmanned aircraft system integration.

The vehicle enables the US Marines to undertake additional mission roles and employ future components in global operations.

Iveco Defence Vehicles Sales Head Nazario Bianchini said his company and BAE are “ready to respond to any international customization request to ensure the optimal deployment of the amphibious vehicles within the Spanish and European defense system.”

The ACV Family Vehicles

The ACV-P is open-ocean capable and can carry 13 combat-loaded personnel.

Meanwhile, the Command and Control variant (ACV-C) offers customers multiple workstations for sustaining situational awareness in the battlespace.

Another variant, the ACV Recovery (ACV-R), is built for direct field maintenance, recovery, and related support to other ACV family vehicles.

The system’s latest iteration, the ACV-30, provides protection and lethality for warfighters while keeping troop and payload capacity available. It can be mounted with a stabilized, medium-caliber Remote Turret System developed by Kongsberg.

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