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Rafael Unveils Anti-Torpedo Suite for Surface Vessels 

Rafael subsidiary DSIT Solutions unveiled a torpedo defense suite for surface vessels at the IMDEX Asia 2023 exhibition.

The Torbuster SP includes Blackfish and Monkfish Torpedo Detection and Alert Sonar Hull Mounted Sonar systems to detect, classify, and track incoming torpedoes.

Monkfish operates in active, passive, and intercept modes, providing continuous 360-degree detection and alert against multiple targets in all weather and sea conditions.

The Blackfish is a medium frequency sonar system that provides “precise locations of submarines, mines and underwater obstacles, as well as providing early detection, tracking, and alerts regarding incoming torpedoes,” DSIT explained.

Hard Kill Decoy

The suite also features Torbuster hard kill decoy to deceive and neutralize targets.

The Torbuster is deployed from an external launcher upon sensing an external threat and propels itself a safe distance from the vessel.

It then lures the incoming threat by sending out the vessel’s simulated acoustic signature. As the torpedo approaches the decoy, it detonates its warhead, neutralizing the weapon.

According to the Israeli defense technology firm, the suite can counter both active and passive torpedoes and wake-homing torpedoes.

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