Exail to Equip Spain’s S80 Plus-Class Submarines With Navigation System

Exail has signed a contract with Navantia to supply its Gecdis-W Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (WECDIS) for the Spanish Navy’s S80 Plus-class submarines.

Described as a “cooperational navigational asset,” the WECDIS will enhance the submarines’ electronic navigational charting capabilities while on long-duration stealth missions.

The company will hand the system over through Grafinta SA, its distributor in Spain.

“Aligned with the S80 submarines’ core design objectives of stealth, endurance, and operational flexibility in remote and potentially hostile areas, our WECDIS system is set to contribute to the operational effectiveness and safety in submarine navigation within challenging underwater environments,” Exail Regional Sales Manager Alexandre Maia said.

The WECDIS is certified by the International Maritime Organization and fully compliant with NATO’s Standardization Agreement.

At the time of writing, only one of the expected four S80 Plus-class submarines has been commissioned.

Exail’s Underwater Ventures

Aside from supporting Spain’s underwater defense posture, Exail has partnered with other nations to equip its naval forces with state-of-the-art capabilities.

In 2022, the company collaborated with Australian firm Solutions from Silicon to incorporate its Unmanned Mine Countermeasure Missions Integrated Solution into the Australian Navy’s SEA 1905 mine countermeasures program.

The software detects changes between surveys and compares data from multiple missions, bolstering the navy’s mine countermeasures database.

Exail has also signed a 3.5-million-euro ($3.7 million) deal with the French defense procurement agency to deliver its A18D underwater drone to the French Navy for the country’s seabed monitoring efforts.

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