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Rafael, Parsons Jointly Bid to Protect USMC Installations From Drones

Rafael’s American subsidiary is joining forces with Parsons Corporation to bid on a US Marine Corps contract to protect installations from small drones.

Officials from the two companies told Breaking Defense that their proposed solution will feature the Drone Dome System, which is also fitted into Israel’s famous Iron Dome defense system.

It has an active detection radar, an electro-optical and infrared camera, an electronic warfare jammer, and a passive radio frequency detection system for effective neutralization of approaching hostile drones.

“Rafael has fielded the Drone Dome system since 2016,” company chief technology officer Eric Brown said. “It’s tested, it’s proven… It gets rid of a lot of clutter [and] it makes it very easy for the user to be able to have a clear situational air picture.”

For its part, Parsons will be responsible for program management and systems integration of its proposed solution.

It will also provide sustainment services, making sure that counter-drone systems are in a constant state of readiness.

About the Program

In February, the US Marine Corps issued a solicitation to industry partners for a reliable system that can defend covered assets and personnel.

More specifically, the solution should effectively detect and neutralize group one and two drones, or drones weighing up to 25 kilograms (55 pounds).

According to the service, the system needs to incorporate advanced technologies, such as networked sensor nodes.

Submission of proposals ended last week and the US Marine Corps is expected to award a contract to one vendor by next year.

Apart from Rafael and Parsons, no other companies publicly announced bids for the competition. The service is also not disclosing the number of interested vendors due to the competitive nature of the contract.

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