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Nauticus Demonstrates AI-Powered Mine Countermeasure Drone

Nauticus Robotics has completed a live offshore demonstration of its artificial intelligence (AI) powered mine countermeasure drone with the US Navy in San Diego, California.

The activity supports the service’s Autonomous Explosive Ordnance Disposal Maritime Response Vehicle program, which seeks advanced subsea vessels for future mine warfare.

The trial builds on a US Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) contract to modernize the navy’s existing VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender Remote Operated Vehicle.

‘Revolutionary’ Underwater Drone

Nauticus Robotics’ upgraded mine countermeasure drone remotely tracks and neutralizes underwater mines and other related targets “at greater stand-off distances than previously thought possible.”

This enables US Navy explosive ordnance disposal divers to safely perform life-threatening minehunting missions.

The company’s proprietary AI-enabled software toolKITT was integrated to provide the vehicle with flexible and uninterrupted execution when dealing with explosives.

In addition, the drone is built with a modular open architecture to comply with future vehicle optimization as needed by the service.

“Our premier software platform, toolKITT, will enable the US Navy to use an enhanced, autonomous vehicle with state-of-the-art adaptive functionality,” Nauticus CEO Nicolaus Radford said.

“We are honored to have been given the opportunity and deliver on providing the US Navy with a revolutionary underwater vehicle behaviors that optimizes both functionality and safety.”

“We are committed to supporting DIU to bring autonomy to the forefront of defense problem-solving.”

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