Germany Orders 227 More All-Terrain Vehicles Vehicles

BAE Systems has received a $400 million contract to deliver an additional 227 BvS10 amphibious all-terrain armored vehicles to Germany.

The award builds on a joint procurement signed by Germany, Sweden, and the UK in 2022 seeking a collaborative all-terrain vehicle to support Arctic operations.

The deliveries are set to begin in 2024 and continue through 2030.

BAE Systems Hägglunds is now manufacturing the vehicles at its facility in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

“This framework agreement streamlines the process by allowing prospective and existing customers to acquire vehicles at previously negotiated terms, while also benefiting from the joint development,” BAE Systems Hägglunds Managing Director Tommy Gustafsson-Rask stated.

“This will secure Germany’s access to these highly capable vehicles for decades to come, and demonstrates the strong relationship between BAE Systems and our customer.”

BAE Systems’ BvS10

The BvS10 and its unarmored “Beowulf” variant are designed for “optimal maneuverability” in all terrain, including steep mountain environments, snow, sand, and swamps.

Their NATO-standard amphibious capability enables users to operate across coastal waters and flooded fields.

BAE Systems’ BvS10 Beowulf vehicle maneuvers through a snowy terrain. Photo: BAE Systems

The vehicles can carry equipment, personnel, and other supplies, maintaining a force’s tactical, strategic, and operational mobility.

The BvS10 is available in configurations supporting medical missions, logistics, situational awareness, weapons supply, maintenance, repair, and recovery.

The vehicle is in service across Sweden, France, Austria, the UK, and the Netherlands.

In August, the Beowulf unarmored vehicle was selected for the US Army’s cold weather all-terrain vehicle to replace the service’s existing small unit support vehicles.

More than 100 vehicles are expected to be delivered to the army over five years.

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