BAE Systems Wins $278M US Army Cold Weather Vehicle Competition

The US Army has selected British defense firm BAE Systems as the winner of its Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) competition.

The company’s Beowulf unarmored vehicle bested Oshkosh Defense/ST Engineering’s Bronco 3 proposal for new army ground vehicles that can operate in the Arctic.

According to the US Department of Defense, BAE Systems has already been awarded a $278-million contract to manufacture CATVs and provide spare parts and logistics support.

Beowulf was selected as the winner of the CATV program after completing a prototype evaluation phase in Alaska earlier this year.

The vehicle reportedly demonstrated its ability to navigate complex terrain, operate in extremely cold weather, and support amphibious operations.

Beowulf is set to replace the US Army’s aging Small Unit Support Vehicles.

Around 163 CATVs will reportedly be procured in the next few years.

Beowulf Unarmored Vehicle

Beowulf is an unarmored, tracked vehicle that carries military personnel and equipment in its two compartments.

The “highly versatile” vehicle can travel through snowy, icy, rocky, or muddy terrain and operates in steep mountain environments.

Beowulf’s amphibious feature allows it to navigate flooded and coastal areas.

Its modular design also allows the vehicle to be reconfigured for logistical support, disaster and humanitarian relief, and search and rescue.

“Beowulf is a highly capable solution to meet the US Army’s requirement for Arctic operations,” BAE Systems Vice President Mark Signorelli said.

“We look forward to providing our soldiers operating in challenging terrain and environments with this highly capable vehicle.”

BAE Systems’ BvS10 Beowulf vehicle maneuvers through snowy terrain. Photo: BAE Systems

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