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Next-Gen Batteries to Increase Switchblade Suicide Drone Flight Time by 50%

Power supply developer Amprius Technologies and AeroVironment have teamed to integrate next-generation batteries into Switchblade 300 Block 20 suicide drones, expecting to increase flight time by 50 percent

Under the collaboration, Amprius will supply commercial-level shipments of its high-energy density lithium-ion battery cells to support the loitering munition system’s production.

The approach is expected to improve the drone’s endurance and loitering capability during deployment.

US Marine launches Switchblade 300 drone during training
US Marine launches Switchblade 300 drone during training in September 2021 in California. Photo: Alexis Moradian/US Marine Corps

“Amprius’ battery cells have the power capabilities to transform the range and mission time for our applications,” AeroVironment Tactical Missile Systems Vice President Brett Hush explained.

“This capability could allow operators to deploy loitering missile systems from a greater range to identify threats and deliver a precision lethal payload with minimal collateral effects.”

Supporting Defense Industry Partnership

According to Amrpius, the partnership continues its relationship with AeroVironment established in 2022.

Amprius supplies battery cells for other AeroVironment defense products.

The airborne solutions provider also serves as a strategic investor in Amprius.

“This partnership with AeroVironment further validates the potential of our silicon anode technology for advanced aviation and defense applications,” Amprius CEO Dr. Kang Sun stated.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the AeroVironment team to greatly improve flight time of their tactical missile systems.”

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