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Ukraine Buys 100 Remote Weapon Systems From Australia

Ukraine is set to receive 100 Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) from Australia as part of a direct military sale worth 120 million Australian dollars ($80.3 million).

The procurement comes as the European nation continues to bolster its military capabilities to counter Russian aggression.

According to manufacturer Electro Optic Systems (EOS), the RWS technology will provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with improved accuracy and reliability when hitting enemy assets.

It can also be integrated into a wide variety of vehicles and platforms to support long-range missions.

With the new system, soldiers do not need to expose their heads up above the turret, which increases the chances of being shot.

“They can stay within the protected environment within the vehicle,” EOS official Andreas Schwer said.

‘A Big Door Opener’

In 2010, EOS teamed up with Northrop Grumman to pursue the US Army’s Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station 3 (CROWS 3) program.

Their collaboration aimed to produce a system that would allow soldiers to accurately locate, identify, and engage targets while staying inside an armored vehicle.

The company’s current RWS is now in service with several militaries from North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

With the recent agreement with Ukraine, EOS hopes that further arms sales will be inked with the war-torn nation.

“EOS is proud to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine by providing the country with the lifesaving utility of its Remote Weapon System. This will contribute to its critical security and defense needs,” Schwer explained.

“It’s a big door opener, not only into the Ukrainian market, but also into the Eastern European market, we expect that this kind of battlefield proven [product] will give us further opportunities all around the world.”

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