Finland Orders More 155mm Artillery Ammunition Parts

Finland has contracted local defense firm Nammo Lapua Oy to manufacture additional 155-millimeter ammunition parts for its military.

The value of the order is 103 million euros ($112 million).

The additional round parts will expand the stockpiles of the Finnish Defence Forces.

They will also improve Helsinki’s security of supply and allow the local industry to raise its ammunition production capacity, defense minister Antti Kaikkonen said.

The contract is on top of Finland’s 30-million-euro ($38-million) order from Nexter for the supply of 155mm Bonus MK II special artillery-launched munitions.

Previous Orders

Last year, the Finnish defense ministry entered into an agreement with Nammo Lapua for the manufacture and delivery of long-range ammunition.

The ammunition will reportedly be used with 155mm armored howitzers to support a wide variety of combat missions.

The company, along with Nammo Vihtavuori, was also selected in 2020 to strengthen the Scandinavian country’s domestic ammunition supply security.

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