QinetiQ to Deliver Shore-Based Type 45 Destroyer Trainer for UK

The UK has awarded QinetiQ a contract to build a shore-based trainer replicating the Royal Navy Daring-class (Type 45) guided-missile destroyer fleet’s platform management systems.

The agreement supports the service’s efforts to upskill sailors on dry land with critical propulsion and power technology operations in line with the Type 45 Power Improvement Program.

Once completed, the simulator will be shipped to the HMS Sultan in-land training facility at the UK Defence School of Marine Engineering in Gosport.

The trainer will help sailors maintain marine watchkeeper qualifications and endorsements upon deployment.

Type 45 Platform Management Trainer

The platform management trainer provides an accurate, real-time simulation of the ship systems’ behavior and functionality.

It has a centralized design with a control center, six satellite outstations, and an instructor operating station.

The platform will combine physical controls and photo-realistic touchscreen emulators.

QinetiQ Simulators in the UK

The contract builds on the production of a previous trainer emulating the machinery and control surveillance system aboard the UK Royal Navy’s Hunt-class mine countermeasures fleet.

HMS Hurworth operating in the English Channel.The Hunt Class are the largest warships ever constructed out of Glass Reinforced Plastic. Although orginally built as dual purpose Minesweepers and Minehunters, the class are currently configured to function only in the Minehunter role. As Minehunters they 'hunt' for mines with a high definition sonar and then destroy them using explosives placed either by the Mine Clearance Divers or by the Sea Fox Mine Disposal System . In addition they are equiped with: a single 30mm gun, two Miniguns and three General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs). This equipment fit enables the Hunt class to function in a Secondary Role as very potent patrol Craft.
HMS Hurworth, one of UK Royal Navy’s six Hunt-class mine countermeasure vessels. Photo: UK Royal Navy

“The need for an updated trainer followed the completion of an extensive programme of upgrades to the aptly named Hunt-class, which uses high-definition sonar to ‘hunt’ the world’s seabeds for mines and lost explosives,” the company said.

“QinetiQ Training and Simulation is also on track to deliver HMS Boadicea, an immersive and state-of-the-art simulator which will support chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training at HMS Sultan for the crews of the Royal Navy’s T23 and Hunt class vessels.”

“The project has achieved its first important acceptance milestone.”

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