US Army Tests Self-Destruct Capability of Top Attack Munition

The US Army has evaluated the self-destruct capability of a next-generation top attack munition at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

The service tested the XM204, a portable weapon system developed to replace traditional land mines against ground-based threats in open terrain.

The capability targets and engages vehicles when a small unit of warfighters is outnumbered or outmaneuvered during combat.

It works by triggering sensors and launcher modules to fire armor-piercing ammunition at the top of a vehicle instead of the more heavily-armored undercarriage.

The system’s ruggedized modules include a safety switch and features to secure convenient and rapid munitions deployment.

Safe Networked Munition System

During the demonstration, the XM204 was paired with a Volcano bottom attack mine launched from an XM343 Stand-off Activated Volcano Obstacle base plate dispenser.

Test administrators monitored the configuration to assess the self-destruct mechanism of the systems after arming.

The approach will be used as a networked munition system that enables soldiers to dominate obstacle fields remotely while ensuring the safety of passing allies.

“This test integrates the top attack munition with the bottom attack munition, which uses existing Volcano M87A1 canisters,” Yuma Proving Ground Test Officer Steve Patane stated.

“The purpose of the test is to verify the XM204 capability to initiate the full complement of XM343 base plates to deploy the Volcano canisters to ensure that the self-destruct is happening in 48 hours,” Test Officer Jonny Clark added.

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