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Australia to Supply Two PAC-750XL Aircraft to Papua New Guinea

Australia signed an agreement to deliver two PAC-750XL take-off and landing utility aircraft for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF).

Once delivered, the planes will be integrated into the service’s operational and transport capability to support domestic and regional missions.

The aircraft can be rapidly reconfigured for different operational requirements.

Throughout the program, both countries will team up on aviation safety and related lifecycle services for the aircraft.

The PAC-750XLs will be shipped in April and September.

‘Another Significant Chapter’

According to Australia, the PAC-750XL will bolster the Papua New Guinea government’s aviation capabilities to support critical missions.

Chief of the Defence Force General Angus Campbell AO, DSC, the Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Major General Mark Goina, and Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Robert Chipman, AM, CSC, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.
Australian and Papua New Guinea military leaders signing the delivery of two PAC-750XLs to PNGDF. Photo: SGT Rodney Welch/Defence Australia

The aircraft deal will also strengthen the long-standing partnership between the two countries.

“This is another significant chapter in our aviation cooperation, following Australia’s support to the PNGDF to help re-establish the airworthiness of its first PAC-750XL aircraft in 2021,” Australian Chief of Defence Force Gen. Angus Campbell stated.

Enhancing PNGDF Aviation

The delivery builds on Australia and Papua New Guinea’s “Flight of Excellence” interoperability program established in 2017.

Other expansions planned under the program include continued capacity building and joint training between the Royal Australian Air Force No. 35 Squadron and the PNGDF Air Transport Wing.

“It is a momentous lift in the PNGDF Air Wing’s ability to serve our Government and our people, and will enhance the PNGDF’s ability to serve our people in the remotest corners of our nation,” Papua New Guinea Chief of Defence Force Maj. Gen. Mark Goina said.

“On behalf of the PNGDF, I thank General Campbell and the Royal Australian Air Force for the Flights of Excellence program, which has significantly improved the PNGDF’s aviation capability. Our relationship is stronger than ever and will grow even stronger in the years to come.” 

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