Saab Receives $763M Defense Order from Undisclosed Western Country

An undisclosed Western country has contracted Saab to deliver defense systems worth around 8 billion Swedish kronor ($763 million).

The order includes the Carl-Gustaf multi-purpose shoulder-launched weapon, the RBS 70 NG short-range air defense system, and the Giraffe 1X radar.

Deliveries are expected from 2023 to 2026.

The Swedish defense manufacturer stated that “due to the nature of the industry, circumstances concerning the customer and national security interests” the customer’s identity could not be revealed.

Previous Orders

The company received an order to deliver the RBS 70 NG and the Giraffe from Latvia in December.

The Baltic nation has made several purchases recently to bolster its defense preparedness amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, including a request to buy the US M142 HIMARS.

Saab has also received orders for the Carl-Gustaf system from Lithuania and Estonia worth $14.3 million and $9.5 million, respectively. 

Carl-Gustaf, RBS 70 NG

The Carl-Gustaf is a recoilless multi-purpose weapon system for anti-armor, anti-structure, and anti-personnel warfare.

The RBS 70 NG is the latest version of the RBS 70 short-range, ground-based air defense system.

The NG adds automatic target tracking and an integrated sighting system to the previous version while retaining the laser guidance feature, which has made it “unjammable.”

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