Saab to Supply Short-Range Air Defense Systems to Latvia

Swedish defense firm Saab has received a contract to manufacture the RBS 70 NG ground-based air defense system and Giraffe 1X radar for Latvia.

The systems would further strengthen the country’s air defense capabilities amid the threat posed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Our wide knowledge within ground-based air defense enables us to offer a complete solution within the area,” Saab marketing head Mats-Olof Rydberg said.

The number of Giraffes, RBS systems, and total contract value were not stated.

Saab noted that the systems can be used to counter drones and protect military infrastructure.

The RBS 70 NG System

The RBS 70 NG is a short-range anti-aircraft missile that can be operated independently in stand-alone mode or configured to form an anti-aircraft battery.

Operable by one person, it uses a launch container, a tripod firing stand, and an optical sight to strike incoming targets.

It also has a laser beam detector mounted in the back to help track and neutralize enemy assets.

The weapon’s effective range is nine kilometers (5.6 miles) with a maximum velocity of Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound.

“With a fully integrated sighting system, innovative operator aids, high-precision range, and unjammable laser guidance, our RBS 70 NG system sets itself apart from all others,” Saab stated on its website.

“Our state-of-the-art system provides a highly flexible, scalable, and long-term solution.”

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