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Indian Army Seeking 850 Nano Drones for Special Surveillance Operations

The Indian Army is looking to procure 850 domestically-built nano drones to bolster its intelligence and surveillance capabilities.

A request for proposals has been sent to local defense firms, stating that the effort will be an “emergency procurement” to expedite delivery and deployment.

The planned purchase comes after the army began several acquisition programs for various unmanned aerial systems.

According to a report by The Times of India, the drones will support special missions along the country’s border with China.

They would also be deployed for counter-terrorism and out-of-area contingency operations throughout India.

“Reconnaissance missions for these operations are currently physically conducted by small teams of soldiers acting as scouts. This not only increases the risk of casualties but also can jeopardize the entire operation,” a military officer told the outlet.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

The request states that the existing “volatile” situation on the India-China border has spurred the army to acquire more sophisticated drones for monitoring and aerial patrol.

The nano drones will enhance the situational awareness of troops deployed in the area.

The proposal also states that the selected vendor must deliver all 850 drones within a year of the contract signing.

Apart from nano drones, the Indian Army has already begun the procurement process for kamikaze drones, logistics drones, and surveillance quadcopters.

The service is also acquiring 80 mini remotely-piloted aircraft (RPAS), 10 runway-independent RPAS, and over 40 upgraded long-range surveillance systems.

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