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Israeli Combat Drones Now Equipped With ‘Silent Bombs’: Report

Israel has reportedly integrated a “smokeless” and “silent” gravity bomb into its combat drones to make them more lethal on the battlefield.

The development was unveiled after Iran accused Jerusalem of attacking one of its unmanned systems facilities using combat drones last month.

According to a report by Reuters, the bomb was developed domestically and can travel as fast as the speed of sound in free fall.

The munition does not have a propulsion system or afterburners that produce loud noise and smoke.

Among the drones that carry the “stealth bomb” is the plane-sized Heron TP developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.

Apart from being equipped with powerful munitions, the Israeli drones are reportedly capable of carrying up to a ton of payload.

“This does not necessarily mean they can carry a one-ton bomb. It very much depends on the positioning of the munitions,” a senior Israeli military officer told the outlet.

Deployment of Armed Drones

Israel’s decision to develop and deploy armed drones was unveiled last year after it was classified for more than two decades.

Increasing the lethality of unmanned systems is part of an effort to bolster the country’s surveillance and strike capabilities.

In 2022, Jerusalem authorized the use of armed drones in West Bank operations. Usually, such drones transmit video or drop explosives before returning to base.

“No one will hear it, no one will see it coming,” the official further stated.

The Israeli government also asked local defense firms to design and produce longer-range, more stealthy armed drones for use against Iran.

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