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Ukraine Building Strike Drone Units

The Ukrainian military is setting up attack drone units to take on Russia.

Unit personnel will be armed with drones, ammunition, Starlink satellite communication, and other equipment, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wrote on social media.

The units are part of the Army of Drones project involving several ministries. 

“The ministry of digital transformation has created a coordination headquarters with key ministries and services for the full implementation of the project,” the military stated.

“The most professional military personnel have already been selected” for the units. 

Army of Drones Project

Kyiv launched a crowdfunding project in July to collect thousands of reconnaissance and tactical drones and train drone operators.

Ukraine also seeks to build a fleet of 100 naval drones as part of the project.

100+ Drones Ordered

The development comes days after the Ukrainian defense ministry contracted Quantum-Systems to deliver 105 long-endurance reconnaissance drones. 

Germany has funded the purchase.

The Munich-based drone developer earlier supplied 33 drones to Kyiv last August.

Can Operate Without GPS

“Vector has been extensively used and intensively tested on the Ukrainian battlefield, where it has proven to be an asset for military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations,” Quantum-Systems stated.

“Its robust and rugged design makes it well-suited for operation in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.”

The company said that thanks to a software update, the drone can now operate in a global positioning system-denied environment.

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