US Marine Corps to Receive Body Analysis Technology

The US Marine Corps has teamed with health tech company InBody to supply body composition assessment devices for its personnel.

The partnership will see the delivery of more than 250 InBody 770 analyzers across the service’s installations in the US and abroad.

Once shipped, the devices will be used to track and evaluate the physical capacity of the warfighters.

“It’s been an honor to serve the US Military for the past 10 years through our partnerships and GSA contracts,” InBody USA CEO Harry Yun stated.

“We’re thankful for this landmark deal with the Marines and look forward to building upon this relationship and accomplishing great things for the health of our armed forces.”

Maintaining US Marine Corps Readiness

According to InBody, the 770 analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology that has been employed by human performance experts to train athletes.

InBody claims advanced solutions such as the 770 are more reliable than previous devices grounded on older health benchmarks that lack natural variations.

Newer body composition analysis devices read metrics such as body fat, hydration, and muscle mass individually without relying on standardized estimates.

InBody 770 device
InBody 770 device. Photo: Business Wire

“The Marines are renowned for their readiness to serve. We’re thrilled that InBody devices will provide the Corps with the data they need to meet the Marines’ high standards,” InBody Government Sales Specialist Jade Chavez said.

“Everything we do is about warfighting. The practical, accurate and unbiased data provided via BIA ensure we maintain a healthy, ready force,” US Marine Corps Spokesperson Capt. Danielle Phillips added.

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