Berry Aviation to Support US Marine Corps Air-to-Ground Integration Training

Acorn Growth Companies segment Berry Aviation has secured a contract to support US Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) air-to-ground integration training.

As part of the agreement, the company will provide airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (A-IRS) system services.

Once delivered, MARSOC’s Special Operations teams will utilize the capabilities to upskill with realistic scenario-based training for international missions.

A-ISR Services

The A-IRS package includes a remote portable ground control station, support from combat-experienced aircrew, and a modified Cessna 206 tactical utility aircraft.

“The aircraft is mod-payload compliant, and purpose built to serve both as a crewed platform as well as a surrogate [unmanned aerial system] that operates within the National Airspace confines,” Berry Aviation Special Operations Support Director and MARSOC Veteran Stan Green said.

Supporting US Marines

The contract is the first for Berry Aviation’s ISR division based in San Marcos, Texas.

“Berry Aviation has successfully leveraged a specialized and global air mobility operation and added ISR training and support to their offering,” Acorn Growth Companies Managing Director Gary Ambrose stated.

“They have an impeccable reputation for safety and mission results for their customers. Their combat-experienced operators and cadre are the best of breed and will be a value add for MARSOC and others in need of ISR services.”

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