L3Harris to Supply Ukraine With VAMPIRE Anti-Drone System in $40M Deal

L3Harris Technologies has clinched a $40-million contract to deliver 14 Vehicle Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment (VAMPIRE) anti-drone systems to Ukraine.

The portable system will reportedly allow Kyiv’s forces to target and shoot down infiltrating enemy drones, providing added protection for civilian infrastructure.

It could also defend against adversary ground threats, such as light military vehicles.

“We’ve invested in procurement, testing, and certification since August so VAMPIRE production can begin without delay,” L3Harris official Luke Savoie said.

Apart from providing the VAMPIRE, the company will install the system on Ukrainian vehicles to enable agile combat support.

Four of the 14 VAMPIRE systems under contract will be delivered by mid-2023, while the rest will be handed over to the Ukrainian military by the end of next year.

“We’re committed to supporting a US strategic partner with a robust capability, as the people of Ukraine continue to defend their country and protect their independence,” Savoie added.

Features and Capabilities

L3Harris’ VAMPIRE anti-drone system is a portable weapon system that can be installed on military vehicles with a cargo bed.

It can launch advanced precision kill weapons systems or other laser-guided munitions to neutralize enemy assets.

Its mission management system integrates an advanced targeting sensor that allows operators to quickly and accurately engage targets.

Additionally, the system has an open architecture, allowing it to be reconfigured to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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