OSI to Provide Polish Minehunters With Tactical Navigation Capability

Poland has awarded OSI Maritime Systems a contract to provide integrated navigation and tactical systems for the Polish Navy’s Kormoran minehunting vessels.

Under the agreement, OSI will integrate the systems into the navy’s fourth to sixth Kormoran-class ships.

It follows a 2020 contract that ordered the capability for the first two Kormoran ships and the ORP Arctowski survey ship.

Once completed, the vessels will be deployed in the Polish exclusive economic zone and join NATO’s existing countermeasures programs in the Baltic and North Sea.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support the Polish Navy and equally proud of the working relationship with [Polish shipyard PGZ Stocznia Wojenna],” OSI Maritime Systems CEO and President  Ken Kirkpatrick said.

“Kormoran has been a very rewarding project. It has once again proven OSI’s success in a new market and further developed our footprint in Europe.”

Maintaining Navigational Commonality

OSI’s integrated navigation and tactical systems is a NATO and International Maritime Organization-standard integrated bridge system that centralizes information gathered by maritime sensors for efficient ship management.

Data from bridge systems are used for propulsion, control, navigation, and monitoring at sea.

“Over 25 NATO and Allied fleets operate using OSI integrated navigation and tactical solutions, which translates to navigation commonality and standard to a level that is on par with many of the world’s leading navies,” OSI Business Development Vice President Jim Davidson explained.

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