Hensoldt to Equip More Missile Sensor Systems on Ukrainian Helo Fleet

Hensoldt is set to equip more of Ukraine’s helicopters with a second batch of Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS).

The double-digit million euro deal is the second order of AMPS for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who received 16 of the sensors last year to defend its fleet against Russian missiles.

Hensoldt’s AMPS can be fitted with missile, laser, and radar warning systems to protect the aircraft from infrared surface-to-air missiles, which contribute to a high percentage of aircraft losses on the battlefield.

It also features components such as the Missile Launch Detection Sensor, an AMPS Control and Display Unit, and the active confirmation system, used to calculate the movements of missiles and eliminate false alarms.

Increasing Defense Capabilities

“With AMPS, we are increasing the defence capabilities of the Ukrainian helicopters,” Hensoldt optronics and land solutions head Tanya Altmann said.

“By integrating this platform, which is new to us, we are protecting the crews from a wide range of threats, especially from surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles,” she added.

Hensoldt also ensured that the Ukrainian fleet’s Counter Measure Dispensing Systems can continue to be operated with the current AMPS configuration.

The helicopter models slated to receive the new sensor have not yet been revealed.

Airborne Missile Protection System

The AMPS‘ modular design lets it adapt to different mission profiles, integrating missile verification sensors, countermeasure dispenser systems, and radar warning receivers for customized protocols.

Each unit can handle up to eight threats at a time with short activation and no cooling time.

It also resists disturbances from infrared light and lasers, and accurately categorizes fixed and moving sources through its high spatial resolution.

An estimated 700 platforms around the world use the sensors as their primary standalone missile protection system.

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