RAF Rolls Out Electric Ground Power for Typhoon Fleet

The Royal Air Force has approved BAE Systems’ electric battery ground power units for its Typhoon fleet following a recent trial.

Forty units are being rolled out at RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Coningsby, with plans for 30 more.

The units will replace the diesel-powered systems that account for over 40 percent of Typhoon ground operations’ carbon emissions footprint. 

90+ Percent Reduction in Harmful Emissions

The replacement will reduce harmful emissions by more than 90 percent: 95 percent of nitrogen oxide and 90 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.

The platform’s lower noise of less than 60 decibels will also improve conditions for ground crew and pilots.

$16 Million Reduction in Running Costs

Moreover, the transition will reduce running expenditures by 80 percent, as the electric unit costs 3 pounds ($3.68) per hour to the diesel’s 20 pounds ($24.50).

The replacement is expected to save more than 13 million pounds ($16 million) for the fleet over the next decade, including reduced maintenance and spare costs.

“Improving environmental performance where we can in fast-jet support is a key goal for both BAE Systems and the RAF,” BAE head Nick Sharples said. 

“Not only will the new ground power units reduce the environmental impact of operations, we are also lowering the cost of running the UK Typhoon fleet, with each new electric ground power unit costing £340,000 ($417,000) less to run over a 10 year period.”

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